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Culture of safety

Safety and environmental protection are integral to every service Taba provides. Taba ensures that every manager, employee and subcontractor is fully aware and trained on these critical issues. At Taba, safety and the environment are not just how we do our jobs, but are what Taba is all about...essential and non-negotiable ingredients of our culture.

Experienced management

Taba’s management has extensive experience in effective planning and successful execution of projects. They are highly capable of addressing the multiple priorities that exist at a mine construction site. They balance and assure the highest safety standards, the lowest environmental impact, fair and transparent budgeting, the timely availability of people and materials and stringent quality standards. All this translates into the job being done right the first time, safely, on time and on budget.

Innovative training solutions

Taba has implemented a progressive training and development program, enabling employees to develop skills and acquire knowledge that will directly impact the enhancement of their current roles and career aspirations.

Taba’s training programs include classroom instruction, certified heavy equipment training, simulator instruction and on-the-job training. Our simulator systems offer a safe training environment that allows each individual to excel in a realistic environment while eliminating the hazards associated with live equipment training.

Creative problem solving

We don’t say ‘no’.  We say ‘how can we make it happen?’ Our heritage of surviving from the land and doing whatever it takes, gives us the skills and perseverance to step up, take charge and solve any problem.  We live the old adage: ‘a problem is nothing but an opportunity in work clothes!’

Full complement of modern equipment and qualified personnel

Full Fleet of Modern Equipment

Taba’s modern and well-maintained fleet of equipment means we can take care of all your site requirements.  Our equipment includes:

  • Dozers from D10Ts to D3s
  • Excavators from 850s to Minis
  • Haul Trucks from 80 Tonne Rigid Frame to 30 Tonne Wigglies
  • Graders
  • Front End Loaders
  • Rubber Tire Backhoes
  • Vibratory Packers
  • Fusing Machines
  • Lowbeds
  • Hydrovac and Water Trucks
  • Sand and Plow Trucks
  • Belly, Clam and End Dumps
  • Full Complement of Logging Equipment
  • Fuel & Service Trucks
  • Gen Sets, Light Towers, Water Pump

Experienced and trained personnel

Taba’s key personnel, including Construction Managers, Project Managers, Superintendents, Foremen and Certified Training Instructors, average over 30 years each of experience in the mining, construction and forestry industries. Taba’s professional and competent team also includes B.C. Certified Shift Leaders, Certified Mine Rescue Team members, Certified Drillers & Blasters, Red Seal Heavy Duty and Automotive Mechanics.

Taba recognizes that a competent, motivated and well-trained workforce is essential to growth and success. A requirement of all Taba management, supervisors and employees is continual training and development. This equips Taba’s personnel with the skills and knowledge to confidently and competently meet our clients’ diverse needs.

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